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Kiczek Prosthetic Labs is a central fabricating facility located in Avon Lake, Ohio. Our prosthetists utilize advanced techniques, including CAD/CAM Fabricating and Vacuum Technologies, to produce a comfortable, supportive and functional prosthetic device. Our experience provides a solid foundation for safe, reliable quality you can depend on.

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Send us an email, or give us a call at 440-781-1357, to discuss pricing. We look forward to doing business with you.

David Kiczek, C.P.

David began his career in Prosthetics in 1974. He attended Northwestern University in 1976-1977. He received his ABC certification in 1979. David spent the majority of his career as both a manager of a large central fab facility and a prosthetic fitter. He has experience in all levels of amputation as both a fitter and a fabricator.

Joseph Kiczek, C.P.

Joseph began his career in 2001. He attended the prosthetic program at California State University in 2005. He received his ABC certification in 2007. Joseph has experience fitting and fabricating conventional prosthesis with an emphasis on high vacuum and CAD applications.

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